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Anthropology PhD students bring a Skeletal stall to the Science Bazaar

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Two Brookes’ PhD students ran a skeletal stall at the recent Brookes Science Bazaar on Saturday 5th July. Nikki Lamb and Sophie Edwards’ stall aimed to give children and parents an experience of handling skeletons.

Available for visitors to discover were comparative sets of male and female skulls and pelvis bones,  humerus (forearm) and femur (leg) bones, and a half skeleton which showed the right side of the body, labelled so that visitors could relate it to their own bodies.

The star of the stall was ‘Ernest’, an articulated plastic skeleton who helped to show how the bones in the human body interact.

Nikki and Sophie enjoyed the interaction with visitors, finding that the children were enthusiastic about handling the bones, in particular in  seeing how light they were. Nikki reflected that ‘the children aren’t put off by anything and their appetite for knowledge is amazing’.

Nikki went on to say the best part ‘was seeing the wide eyed response of children and watching them tell their parents what they had just learnt’. Everyone who visited the stall was inquisitive about how bones function in the body, with the most popular question from parents  being ‘how do hip replacements work’!

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Dr Simon Underdown receives Chartered Science Teacher Status

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Dr Simon Underdown has been awarded Chartered Science Teacher status (CSciTeach) by the Royal Society of Biology.  

The award of this status recognises the unique combination of skills, knowledge, understanding, and expertise that is required by individuals involved in the specific practice and advancement of science teaching and learning. Chartered Status is designed to engender public confidence in teaching professionals in the field of science and reflects a devotion to the continual development excellent science teaching.

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