Oxford Brookes academic to co-curate crowdfunded rural arts project.

Wadhurst News

Simon Kövesi, Professor of English Literature in the Department of English and Modern Languages, is part of the team curating a major cultural event in the village of Wadhurst, East Sussex across summer 2017. It will explore the nature of the countryside and the sometimes dark secrets hidden within it using film, visual arts and storytelling. Professor Kövesi will be working alongside Julian Rowe and Terry Park, and the project’s lead artist, film maker Professor Andrew Kötting.

The event ‘Through a Dark Glass’ is an intriguing arts project that will take place in an area of outstanding natural beauty. It will feature early career artists who have been chosen for their existing interest in rurality, myth, magic and the public realm. Their practices all explore the relationship between a pastoral ideal of landscape and a more unsettling notion of the countryside as a site of the hidden, the uncanny, the archaeological, and the mythic.

It will see Professor Kövesi working with film maker Andrew Kötting again, after their collaboration on the feature film By Our Selves (2015), some of which was filmed at Brookes.

‘Working with Andrew on that film was magical,’ says Simon. ‘Everything Andrew makes is unique and it is a privilege to work with him. Then again he is also annoying, challenging, and rude (which I like). But it is his commitment to unexplored and unacknowledged corners, cultures and stories of England that really drives him on, in his own seriously absurd way. Add the fact that I grew up in Sidcup in Kent – not that far from Wadhurst really – together with the riches all the other glorious artists will bring to the project – and the prospect of all of us responding to the kooky and historically-rich beauty of Wadhurst itself – well, I had to get involved. There’s also a possibility that Oxford Brookes student writers will get involved, which is really exciting.’

To create ‘Through a Dark Glass’, the curators need help – both in terms of funding, and from people who want to join in with creating the work. The smallest contributions will be enormously appreciated, as well as being crucial in making sure arts projects like this actually happen. Click here to see how you can get involved.

The ‘Through a Dark Glass’ event will take place on Midsummer’s day in 2017, and will exhibit in Wadhurst across the summer.

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