‘The Mindspace: an interactive play’ to be performed at Oxford Brookes


Following an immensely successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe festival, Oxford Brookes University drama partners and in-house theatre company, Re:Conception Theatre, will be bringing their play The Mindspace to Oxford.  Featuring a cast of former and current Oxford Brookes students, audiences are invited to step into a world where active exploration of the human mind is possible.

An original piece, the idea for the performance was first devised by PhD student Russell Anderson who also directs. Working with second and third-year students over the course of a year and a half, Russell’s ideas were developed into a full length performance where the audience has complete control over the narrative via conversation and interaction with the actors. Taking the role of investors in a new technology that allows direct interaction with the mind, audiences are challenged to try and heal the damaged mind they find themselves in.

Describing their run at the Edinburgh fringe, Russell commented: “The audience response we had was incredible – far beyond what we dared to anticipate. People are really investing themselves in the story, characters and interactivity, and with several describing it as their best ever theatrical experience; it feels like we’ve tapped into something important.”

The play was also well received by critics with Broadway Baby calling it “Innovative and original … an exciting, individual, and entertaining experience,” and promises to be a truly interesting experience.

Re:Conception Theatre will be performing The Mindspace at the Oxford Brookes University’s Union Hall at 7.30pm from Wednesday 7 through to Saturday 10 September.

Tickets can be bought online. Further information is available on the Re:Conception Theatre Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “‘The Mindspace: an interactive play’ to be performed at Oxford Brookes

  1. I am very interested in this play, having been in one of the ‘audiences’ at Edinburgh Fringe. Please can I have a contact as I’d like to consider this for a team building exercise. Also, when is it touring in the UK? I want this in Liverpool!

    1. Hi Jennifer – this is Russell, the director. It’s great to hear you’d like to get in touch! You can reach me at please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re not sure what will happen with it quite yet in terms of touring etc., but something further is going to come out of it…
      If you head to you can join the Re:Conception mailing list, which will have further info as and when it develops!

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